Legal and linguistic services for Dutch and Polish companies and lawyers

Would like to undertake business in the Netherlands? Are you eager to co-operate with a Polish company? Alexia can be an indispensable connecting link and tackle all legal and linguistic issues.


Alexia can help you with both official and unofficial translations: in the court, in the office or during the business event. I have already had a great pleasure to collaborate with national courts, government, VU Medical Centre and many more.

Workshops for professionals

Alexia provides you with legal & linguistic workshops for Polish and Dutch translators, companies and workers. Language is not solely words; it allows you to express yourself and create a bond with others.

Polish nationals

Alexia provides support for Polish citizens in the Netherlands and offers assistance and advice in the event of some difficult, frequently unforseen legal situations. Alexia will represent you and create appropriate and effective measures for your individual needs.




  • Autoriteit Consument en Markt
  • Penn Pekelharing and Stroes Advocaten
  • Den Teuling Advocatuur
  • Strafrechtswinkel Nederland
  • Stichting Regenboog
  • Socionext Challenge
“I had the pleasure of working with Aleksandra for several months at my previous lawfirm, collaborating on several cases. She is multilingual, talented and hard working. I can recommend Aleksandra, especially to expats who are seeking solid legal advice on Dutch criminal law and family law in English, Polish or Russian.”
“Aleksandra is a talented, highly motivated and multilingual young professional who combines a hands-on mentality, creativity and humour with a keen commercial sense. It has been a pleasure working with her and I would highly recommend her for any assignment, as she naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something she is passionate about.”
Doeke den Teuling, Den Teuling Law
“I found Aleksandra to be bright and a strong communicator. She was also confident and spoke well in front of groups.”
“Aleksandra is a hard-working and pleasant colleague. She proved to be very flexible and client orientated and combines this with a solid knowledge and feeling for the legal practice. At her experience level, my partners and myself consider her to be an outstanding junior lawyer.”


Aleksandra Tulicka

I am a well organized person who enjoys the pressure of deadlines for both personal and team projects. Recently I have achieved my Master’s diploma and, concurrently with my studies, I completed a full-time traineeship with the Dutch Competition Authority in The Hauge and worked on highly complex and multifaceted competition cases. In six years I achieved something which had previously seemed to be impossible: I moved from Poland to the Netherlands, learned Dutch within few months and completed my Dutch thaught law studies at the University of Amsterdam without any delay.

Furthermore, I have a lot of experience in advising people on Dutch and European Law. Many Polish citizens abroad are unaware when, and if, their rights are being abused. Frequently citizens or companies face complex administrative barriers for which they often lack sufficient knowledge of the language and/or law. As a result they can not speak up for themselves.

This is where I come in!

I will be thrilled if I receive an opportunity to contribute my university gained wisdom, professional experience and personal qualities in order to help you.


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Alexia Law

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Aleksandra Tulicka
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